The printable files on this website are designed to print out with little or no alteration needed to print settings. Nevertheless you may like to adjust some to adapt to your individual preferences.


A summary of important print settings is:- Under "Page Setup" for your browser, the page size should be "Letter" or "A4" (for which the pages are optimised - smaller sizes will cause problems). All margins should be set to "4mm" (or equivalent), except that with Internet Explorer 7 side margins should be set to "12mm" if you wish to make sure that an additional blank page is not printed at the end. You can use the "Print Preview" facility to check how the printout will appear. Detailed instructions for four browsers, which have been tested in Windows, can be found through the links immediately below. The print facility has also been tested with Chrome and Safari. 

In Safari the initial print settings may make the subscription based text pages print out rather small. This can be rectified by pressing the "Alt" key to display menu items at the top. Go to File and then Page Setup or Print Preview. Page size and margin settings can be changed here. On the Print Preview page click on the "cog wheel" icon to change the page size and margin settings.

In Chrome the "Wrench" icon does not come up in subwindows, so, for example, there is no readily availability print option. You can Right click in the very top bar of the browser subwindows to see options including "print" - or press "Ctrl P" to get the print menu.


Some details instructions for early versions of browsers are below. If the test page works with your current preferred browser then all should be fine.


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