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Early Christian Texts

πιστεύομεν εἰς ἕνα θεὸν πατέρα παντοκράτορα.

Credimus in unum Deum, Patrem omnipotentem.

The website gives access to a huge range of early Christian texts in the original Greek and Latin and also in translation. Many of the original language texts also have dictionary lookup links.

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People and Themes

The subscription version of the website is like an electronic encyclopedia of the first five centuries of Church History, with extensive links to information on around 1,000 people and themes.

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The Bible through the eyes of early Christian Writers

On the subscription version of the website there are separate pages for each book of the Bible giving a list of commentaries and homilies on the book by Christian writers from the first five centuries. Links to the complete original language texts are given (scanned versions of the texts, e.g. from the Migne Patrologia series, at sites like or Google Books). Links are given to online English translations of these texts, where available, and to information about published translations. Links are also given to the Bible text: the Hebrew, Septuagint Greek, Latin Vulgate and English translation for Hebrew Scripture/Old Testament books, and the Greek, Latin Vulgate and English translation for New Testament books. This makes the website a great place to explore the Scriptures from the perspective of early Christian writers.
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Church Councils and Creeds
The site contains the original language text (with dictionary lookup links) of the canons of the ecumenical councils of the first five centuries. On the subscription version of the site English translations of these texts are placed alongside. The canons of a number of other Councils are presented in this way.
In a similar way the site has the text and translation of several early creeds.
On the subscription version of the website the menu system also has easily navigable links to scanned versions of a) the documents of Church Councils from the first five centuries contained in the Mansi "Sacrorum Conciliorum Nova et Amplissima Collectio" volumes and b) the information about Councils in the Hefele "History of the Councils of the Church" Volumes.
This makes the website a great place to study Church Councils of the first five centuries.


The site has publicly available bibliographies for patristic authors and patristic commentaries and homilies on scriptural books.

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