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Eric Francis Osborn
Tertullian, First Theologian of the West


Tertullian: A Historical and Literary Study
Timothy David Barnes


Early Christian Thinkers: The Lives and Legacies of Twelve Key Figures
Paul Foster
(A helpful chapter)


The Early Christian World
P.F. Esler, with a helpful chapter by David Wright






Tertullian (The Early Church Fathers) Geoffrey D. Dunn
 Disciplinary, Moral And Ascetical Works R. Arbesmann, E.J. Daly, and E. A. Quain, eds.
Tertullian: Apologetical Works, & Minucius Felix: Octavius Emily J. Daly, trans.
 28. Tertullian: Treatises on Penance: On Penitence and On Purity (Ancient Christian Writers) W.P. Le Saint, trans.
13. Tertullian: Treatises on Marriage and Remarriage: To His Wife, An Exhortation to Chastity, Monogamy (Ancient Christian Writers) W.P. Le Saint, trans.
Christian and Pagan in the Roman Empire: The Witness of Tertullian (Selections from the Fathers of the Church)Robert D. Sider, ed.
Tertullian, Cyprian, And Origen On The Lord's Prayer (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press Popular Patristics Series) Alistair Stewart-Sykes, ed.
24. Tertullian: The Treatise against Hermogenes (Ancient Christian Writers) J.H. Waszink, trans



Tertullian volumes published in Corpus Christianorum Series Latina (Brepols)


1. Opera I. Opera catholica, Adversus Marcionem, E. Dekkers, J. G. P. Borleffs, R. Willems, R. F. Refoulé, G. F. Diercks & A. Kroymann (eds.), (1954, XXV+726 p. + 5 tables)

2. Opera II. Opera montanistica, A. Gerlo, E. Evans, A. Harnack, A. Kroymann, R. Willems, J. H. Waszink, J. G. P. Borleffs, A. Reifferscheid, G. Wissowa, E. Dekkers & J. J. Thierry (eds.), (1954, 905 p.)

Tertullian Volumes in the Corpus Christianorum Ecclesiastorum Latinorum series (CSEL) still in copyright and where there is no link from this website to the text

69. Apologeticum – ed. H. Hoppe - 1939

70. De praescriptione haereticorum, De cultu feminarum, Ad uxorem, De exhortatione castitatis, De corona, De carne Christi, Adversus Iudaeos – ed. E. Kroymann - 1942

76. Ad martyras, Ad Scapulam, De fuga in persecutione, De monogamia, De virginibus velandis, De pallio – ed. V. Bulhart; De paenitentia – ed. Ph. Borleffs - 1957


Texts published by Sources Chrétiennes (With Clavis number and Sources Chrétiennes volume number). See


La Chair du Christ, tome I (De carne Christi) CPL 18; SC vol. 216, 1975


La Chair du Christ, tome II (De carne Christi) CPL 18; SC vol. 217, 1975


Contre Hermogène (Aduersus Hermogenem) CPL 13; SC vol. 439, 1999


Contre les valentiniens, tome I (Aduersus Valentinianos) CPL 16; SC vol. 280, 1981


Contre les valentiniens, tome II (Aduersus Valentinianos) CPL 16; SC vol. 280, 1981


Contre Marcion I, tome I. Livre I (Aduersus Marcionem) CPL 14; SC vol. 365, 1990


Contre Marcion II, tome II. Livre II (Aduersus Marcionem) CPL 14; SC vol. 368, 1991


Contre Marcion III, tome III. Livre III (Aduersus Marcionem) CPL 14; SC vol. 399, 1994


Contre Marcion IV, tome IV. Livre IV (Aduersus Marcionem) CPL 14; SC vol. 456, 2000


Contre Marcion V, tome V. Livre V (Aduersus Marcionem) CPL 14; SC vol. 483, 2004


A son épouse (Ad uxorem) CPL 12; SC vol. 273, 1980


Exhortation à la chasteté (De exhortatione castitatis) CPL 20; SC vol. 319, 1985


Le Manteau (De pallio) CPL 15; SC vol. 513, 2007


Le Mariage unique (De monogamia) CPL 28; SC vol. 343, 1988


De la Patience (De patientia) CPL 9; SC vol. 310, 1984


La Pénitence (De paenitentia) CPL 10; SC vol. 316, 1984


De la Prescription contre les hérétiques (De praescriptionibus aduersus haereses omnes) CPL 5; SC vol. 46, 1957


La Pudicité, tome I (De pudicitia) CPL 30; SC vol. 394, 1993


La Pudicité, tome II (De pudicitia) CPL 30; SC vol. 395, 1993


Les Spectacles (De spectaculis) CPL 6; SC vol. 332, 1986


La Toilette des femmes (De cultu feminarum) CPL 11; SC vol. 173, 1971


Traité du baptême (De baptismo) CPL 8; SC vol. 35, 1952


Le Voile des vierges (De uirginibus uelandis) CPL 27; SC vol. 424, 1997