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Just A. Jr. (2003), Luke (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture III)
Ramsey B. (1997), Ambrose [The Early Church Fathers] Lengthy introduction and also English translations of: On Virgins; On Naboth; On the Mysteries; The Prologue from the Commentary on the Gospel according to Luke; Hymns; Letters Pertaining to the Altar of Victory; Life of Ambrose (Paulinus).
Paffenroth K., Teske R. SJ, and Campbell M. OSA (2014), New Testament I & II (1/15 & 1/16) Includes: Sermon on the Mount, Agreement among the Evangelists, Questions on the Gospels, Seventeen Questions on Matthew.
Evagrius Ponticus
Casiday A. M. (2006), Evagrius Ponticus (Early Church Fathers)
Gregory of Nazianzus
Dunkle B. (S.J.) (2013), Poems on Scripture (Popular Patristics)
John Chrysostom
Roth, Catharine P. (1999), On Wealth and Poverty (Crestwood, NY: St Vladimir's Seminary Press) Sermons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 on Lazarus and the Rich Man
Lienhard J. T. (1996/2009), Origen: Homilies on Luke (Fathers of the Church Series, 94)
Trigg J. W. (1998), Origen (The Early Church Fathers) (Commentary on Psalms 1-25, fragment from preface; Commentary on Lamentations, selected fragments; Commentary on Genesis, fragment from Book 3, Commentary on John, Book 1; Commentary on John, Book 13.3-192; Homily 12 on Jeremiah; Homilies 19 and 20 on Luke; Homily 5 on 1 Samuel; Letter to Gregory; Commentary on John, Book 32. 1-140; Commentary on John, Book 32.318-67)