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It should be noted that a very important resource for critical editions of the Greek text of Gregory of Nyssa is the series: Leiden: Brill, Gregorii Nysseni Opera.
Works in this series are:-

Auctorum incertorum vulgo Basilii vel Gregorii Nysseni Sermones de creatione hominis; Sermo de paradiso
Edited by H. Hörner - 1972

Contra Eunomium libri I et II (GNO Volume 1)
Gregorius Nyssenus. Iteratis curis edidit W. Jaeger - 2002

Contra Eunomium liber III (GNO Volume 1)
Gregorius Nyssenus. Iteratis curis ed. W. Jaeger - 2002

Opera dogmatica minora, Pars 1 (GNO Volume 3/1)
Edidit Fridericus Mueller - 1958

Opera dogmatica minora, In illud; Tunc et ipse filius (GNO Volume 3/2)
K. Kenneth Downing, Jacobus A. McDonough, S.J. Hadwiga Hörner - 1987

Gregorii Nysseni, De anima et resurrectione (GNO Volume 3/3)
Edidit Andreas Spira. Post mortem editoris, praefationem accurate composuit Ekkehardus Mühlenberg - 2014

Opera dogmatica minora, Volume 4 Oratio catechetica (GNO Volume 3/4)
Edited by Ekkehardus Mühlenberg - 1996

Opera dogmatica minora, Volume 5 Epistula Canonica (GNO Volume 3/5)
edidit Ekkehardus Mühlenberg - 2008

Opera exegetica In Genesim, Volume 1 Gregorii Nysseni In Hexaemeron (GNO Volume 4/1)
Hubertus R. Drobner - 2009

In Inscriptiones Psalmorum: In Sextum Psalmum: In Ecclesiasten Homiliae (GNO Volume 5)
Edited by J. McDonough and P. Alexander - 1986

In Canticum Canticorum (GNO Volume 6)
Edited by H. Langerbeck - 1986

Opera exegetica In Exodum et Novum Testamentum, Volume 1 De Vita Moysis (GNO Volume 7/1)
Edidit H. Musurillo - 1991

Opera exegetica In Exodum et Novum Testamentum, Volume 2 De oratione dominica, De beatitudinibus (GNO Volume 7/2)
Edited by Johannes F. Callahan - 1992

Opera ascetica et Epistulae, Volume 1 Opera ascetica (GNO Volume 8/1)
Edited by W. Jaeger, J.P. Cavarnos, V.W. Callahan - 1986

Opera ascetica et Epistulae, Volume 2 Epistulae (GNO Volume 8/2)
Ed. by Giorgio Pasquali - 2002

Sermones, Pars 1 (GNO Volume 9)
Edited by G. Heil, A. van Heck, E. Gebhardt and A. Spira - 1992

Sermones, Volume 1 De vita Gregorii Thaumaturgi; De sancto Theodoro; In sanctum Stephanum I et II; In Basilium fratrum; In XL Martyres Ia, Ib et II (GNO Volume 10/1)
Edited by G. Heil, J. P. Cavarnos and O. Lendle - 1990

Sermones, Volume 2 Pars III (GNO Volume 10/2)
Edited by Ernestus Rhein, Friedhelm Mann, Dörte Teske and Hilda Polack - 1996


For full details of these volumes see:- Leiden: Brill, Gregorii Nysseni Opera.


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Works of Gregory - Includes:- De beneficentia (CPG 3169), Aduersus eos qui castigationes aegre ferunt (CPG 3190), Contra Eunomium I, 1-146 (CPG 3135), Contra Eunomium I, 147-691 (CPG 3135), Contra Eunomium II (CPG 3135), Contra fornicarios (CPG 3172), Contra usurarios (CPG 3171), De opificio hominis (CPG 3154), Oratio catechetica magna (CPG 3150), In Basilium fratrem (CPG 3185), In Ecclesiasten homiliae I-VIII (CPG 3157), Epistula canonica ad Letoium (CPG 3148), Epistulae (CPG 3167), De pythonissa ad Theodosium episcopum (CPG 3146), De iis qui baptismum differunt (CPG 3147), Refutatio confessionis Eunomii (CPG 3136), In inscriptiones psalmorum (CPG 3155), In illud: Quatenus uni ex his fecistis mihi fecistis (CPG 3170), De uita Gregorii Thaumaturgi (CPG 3184), De uita Moysis (CPG 3159), Vita sanctae Macrinae (CPG 3166), De uirginitate (CPG 3165)

Works of Gregory ?


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