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Links to the scanned text (in the public domain) of the works of Cyprian in the Migne Patrologia Series and in the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum series (CSEL) can be found on the subscription version of the Early Church Texts web site. Click on the homepage link above for more information.

Texts (critical editions) published in the Corpus Christianorum series (See the catalogue at and also the Brepols online “Library of Latin Texts”.)
Weber R. & Bévenot M., Opera I. Ad Quirinium. Ad Fortunatum. De lapsis. De ecclesiae catholicae unitate (Brepols, 1972, CCSL 3)
Simonetti, M. & Moreschini C., Opera II. Ad Donatum, De mortalitate. Ad Demetrianum. De opere et eleemosynis. De zelo et livore. De dominica oratione. De bono patientiae (Brepols, 1976, CCSL 3A )
Diercks G. F., Epistularium. Epistulae 1-57 (Brepols, 1994, CCSL 3B)
Diercks G. F., Epistularium. Epistulae 58-81 (Brepols, 1996, CCSL 3C)
Diercks G. F, Epistularium. Prolegomena - Indices (Brepols, 1999, CCSL 3D)
Diercks G. F, Sententiae episcoporum numero LXXXVII de haereticis baptizandis (Brepols, 2004, CCSL 3E)
Texts published by Sources Chrétiennes (With Clavis number and Sources Chrétiennes volume number). See
Bienfaisance (la) et les Aumônes (De opere et eleemosynis); CPL 47, SC vol. 440, 1999
Ceux qui sont tombés (De lapsis); CPL 42, SC vol. 547, 2012
Démétrien (A) (Ad Demetrianum); CPL 46, SC vol. 467, 2003
Donat (A) (Ad Donatum); CPL 38, SC vol. 291, 1982
Jalousie et l'envie (La) (De zelo et liuore); CPL 49, SC vol. 519, 2008
Unité de l'Église catholique (L') (De catholicae ecclesiae unitate); CPL 41, SC vol. 500, 2006
Vertu de patience (La) (De bono patientiae); CPL 48, SC vol. 291, 1982
Bévenot M. (1957), The Lapsed / The Unity of the Catholic Church (Ancient Christian Writers 25)
Brent A. (2006), On the Church: Select Treatises: St Cyprian of Carthage (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press "Popular Patristics" Series)
Brent A. (2006), On the Church: Select Letters: St Cyprian of Carthage (St Vladimir's Seminary Press "Popular Patristics" Series)
Campbell P. (2013), The Complete Works of Saint Cyprian of Carthage (Christian Roman Empire) (May simply be a reprint of the translations in the ANF series with updated introduction, bibliography etc.)
Clarke G. (1983), The Letters of St. Cyprian Vol.1 (Ancient Christian Writers 43) Letters 1 - 27
Clarke G. (1983), The Letters of St. Cyprian of Carthage, Vol. 2 (Ancient Christian Writers 44) Letters 28 - 54
Clarke G. W. (1983), The Letters of St. Cyprian of Carthage, Vol. 3 (Ancient Christian Writers 46) Letters 55 - 66
Clarke G. W. (1983), The Letters of St. Cyprian of Carthage, Vol. 4 (Ancient Christian Writers 47) Letters 67 - 81
Deferrari R. J. (1958), Saint Cyprian: Treatises (The Fathers of the Church 36) (To Donatus, The Dress of Virgins, The Lapsed, The Unity of the Church, The Lord's Prayer, To Demetrian, Mortality, Works and Almsgiving, The Good of Patience, Jealousy and Envy, Exhortation to Martyrdom to Fortunatus, That Idols Are Not Gods)
Donna R. B. (1964), Saint Cyprian : Letters 1-81 (Fathers of the Church Series 51)
Stewart-Sykes A. (2004), Tertullian, Cyprian, And Origen On The Lord's Prayer (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press Popular Patristics Series)
Bakker H., Van Geest P., and Van Loon H, eds. (2010), Cyprian of Carthage: Studies in His Life, Language and Thought (Late Antique History and Religion)
Brent A. (2010), Cyprian and Roman Carthage
Burns Patout J. Jr. (2002), Cyprian the Bishop (Routledge Early Church Monographs)
Fahey M. A. (1971) Cyprian and the Bible: a study in third-century exegesis.
Sage M. M. (1975), Cyprian (Patristic monograph series)
Walker G. S. M. (1968/2002), The Churchmanship of St Cyprian (Library of Ecclesiastical History)