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Peter Brown biography


Henry Chadwick
a short indroduction


Henry Chadwick's translation of "Confessions"


R.W.Dyson's translation of "The City of God"


Allan Fitzgerald


R.P.H. Green's translation of "On Christian Teaching"


William Harmless.
Extracts from several of Augustine's main works


Gareth Matthews' translation of "On The Trinity" (books 8 - 15)




Clavier, M. F. M. Eloquent Wisdom: Rhetoric, Cosmology and Delight in the Theology of Augustine of Hippo. (Studia Traditionis Theologia: Explorations in Early and Medieval Theology; Turnhout: Brepols, 2014)

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Dupont, A., Preacher of Grace: A Critical Reappraisal of Augustine’s Doctrine of Grace in his Sermones ad Populum on Liturgical Feasts and during the Donatist Contraversy (Studies in the History of Christian Traditions; Leiden: Brill, 2014)

Hollingworth, Miles, Saint Augustine of Hippo: An Intellectual Biography (London, Allen Lane, 2015)

Lane Fox, R., Augustine: Conversions to Confessions (Basic Books, 2015)

O'Donnell, James J., St Augustine - Sinner and Saint, (Profile Books, 2006)

Ployd, A., Augustine, the Trinity, and the Church: A Reading of the Anti-Donatist Sermons (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015)

Rigby, Philip, The Theology of Augustine's Confessions (Cambridge University Press, 2015)

Smith, James K. A., On the Road with Saint Augustine: A Real-World Spirituality for Restless Hearts (Brazos, 2019)

Toom T., The Cambridge Companion to Augustine's 'Confessions' (Cambridge Companions to Religion, 2020)

Williams, Rowan, On Augustine (Bloomsbury Continuum, 2016)



ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS IN "THE FATHERS OF THE CHURCH" SERIES (generally in order of volume number, though with some grouping where helpful)
Gavigan J. J. (1947), St Augustine: Christian Instruction, Admonition and Grace, the Christian Combat, Faith, Hope and Charity (The Fathers of the Church 2 (Paperback))
Schopp L. (1947), The Fathers of the Church 4 - Includes: The Immortality of the Soul; The Magnitude of the Soul; On Music; The Advantage of Believing; On Faith in Things Unseen
Schopp L. (1948), The Fathers of the Church 5 - Includes: The Happy Life; Answer to Sceptics; Divine Providence and the Problem of Evil; Soliloquies
Zema B. and Walsh G. (1950), The City of God, Books 1 - 7 (The Fathers of the Church 8)
Kavanagh D. J. (1951), Commentary on the Lord's Sermon on the Mount with Seventeen Related Sermons (The Fathers of the Church 11) - The Seventeen "related" are:- On the Beatitudes (53); How to 'Let Your Light Shine Before Men' (54); On Taking the Tongue (55); On the Lord's Prayer (56); On Almsgiving (60); On Almsgiving (61); On Almsgiving (72); The Slothful Servant (94); The Adversary (109); On Life's Pilgrimage (346:- 4 (Denis) Christ: Lamb and Lion; 5 (Denis) Life from Death; 6 (Denis) The Holy Eucharist; 7 (Denis) Sonship or Servitude); 8 (Denis) On Baptism; 13 (Denis) Christ: The Glory of Martyrs; 11 (Morin) On the Beatitudes)
Parsons W. (1951), Letters, Vol. 1 (1-82) (The Fathers of the Church 12)
Parsons W. (1953), Letters, Vol. 2 (83-130) (The Fathers of the Church 18)
Parsons W. (1953), Letters, Vol. 3 (131-164) (The Fathers of the Church 120)
Parsons W. (1955), Letters, Vol. 4 (165-203) (The Fathers of the Church 30)
Parsons W. (1956), Letters, Vol. 5 (204-270) (The Fathers of the Church 32)
Eno R. B. (1989), Letters, Vol. 6 (1*-29*) (The Fathers of the Church 81)
Walsh G. G. and Monahan G. (1954), The City of God, Books 8 - 16 (The Fathers of the Church 14)
Muldowney M. S. (1952), Treatises on Various Subjects (The Fathers of the Church 16) - Includes: The Christian Life (By Fastidius) , Lying, Against Lying, Continence, Patience, The Excellence of Widowhood, The Work of Monks, The Usefulness of Fasting, and the Eight Questions of Dulcitius.
Bourke V. J. (1953), Confessions (The Fathers of the Church 21)
Walsh G. G. (1954), The City of God, Books 17 - 22 (The Fathers of the Church 24)
Wilcox C. T. (1955/1969), Treatises on Marriage and Other Subjects (The Fathers of the Church 27) - Includes: Adulterous Marriages, In Answer to the Jews, The Care to Be Taken for the Dead, The Creed (De symbolo ad catechumenos), The Divination of Demons, Faith and the Creed, Faith and Works, The Good of Marriage, Holy Virginity
Schumacher M. A. (1957), The Fathers of the Church 35 - Against Julian
Muldowney S. M. (1959), Sermons on the Liturgical Seasons (The Fathers of the Church 38) - Includes: For the Feast of the Nativity (184-196); For New Year's Day (197-198); For the Epiphany (199-204); For the Lenten Season (205-211); For the Recent Converts (212-218) For the Vigil of Easter (219-223); For Easter Sunday (224-228); For the Easter Season (229-260); For the Feast of the Ascension (261-265)
McKenna S. (1963), The Trinity (The Fathers of the Church 45)
Gallagher D. A. and I. J. (1965), The Catholic and Manichaean Ways of Life (The Fathers of the Church 56)
Russell R.P. (1968), The Teacher, the Free Choice of the Will, Grace and Free Will (The Fathers of the Church 59)
Bogan M. I. (1968), The Retractations (The Fathers of the Church 60)
Rettig J. W. (1988), Tractates on the Gospel of John 1-10 (The Fathers of the Church 78)
Rettig J. W. (1988), Tractates on the Gospel of John 11-27 (The Fathers of the Church 79)
Rettig J. W. (1993), Tractates on the Gospel of John 28-54 (The Fathers of the Church 88)
Rettig J. W. (1994), Tractates on the Gospel of John 55-111 (The Fathers of the Church 90)
Teske R. J. (1991), Saint Augustine on Genesis: Two Books on Genesis Against the Manichees and on the Literal Interpretation of Genesis : An Unfinished Book (The Fathers of the Church 84)
Mourant J. A. (1992), Four Anti-Pelagian Writings (The Fathers of the Church 86) - Includes: On Nature and Grace; On the Proceedings of Pelagius; On the Predestination of the Saints; On the Gift of Perseverance
Rettig J. W. (1995), Tractates on the Gospel of John 112-124; Tractates on the First Epistle of John (The Fathers of the Church 92)


Teske R. (2007), Answer to Faustus, a Manichean (I/20)
Teske R. (1997), Answer to the Pelagians I (I/23) Includes: The Punishment and Forgiveness of Sins and the Baptism of Little Ones (De peccatorum meritis et remissione et de baptismo parvulorum), The Spirit and the Letter (De spiritu et littera), Nature and Grace (De natura et gratia), The Perfection of Human Righteousness (De perfectione justitiae hominis), The Deeds of Pelagius (De gestis Pelagii), The Grace of Christ and Original Sin (De gratia Christi et peccato originali), and The Nature and Origin of the Human Soul (De natura animae et ejus origine).
Teske R. (1998), Answer to the Pelagians II (I/24) Includes: Marriage and Desire; Answer to the Two Letters of the Pelagians; Answer to Julian.
Teske R. (1999), Answer To The Pelagians III (I/25) Includes: Unfinished Work in Answer to Julian (Contra Iulianum opus imperfectum libri sex).
Teske R. (1999), Answer to the Pelagians IV (I/26) Includes: Background Correspondence; Grace and Free Choice; Rebuke and Grace; The Predestination of the Saints; The Gift of Perseverance
Teske R., Rotelle J. E. (ed.) (1995), Arianism and Other Heresies (I/18) Includes: Heresies; Memorandum to Augustine; To Orosius in Refutation of the Priscillianists and Origenists; Arian Sermon; Answer to an Arian Sermon; Debate with Maximinus; Answer to Maximinus; Answer to an Enemy of the Law and the Prophets.
Harbert B., Ramsey B. (2008), The Augustine Catechism: The Enchiridion on Faith Hope and Love
O'Connell M., Fiedrowicz M., Ramsey B. (2005), On Christian Belief (I/8) Includes: True Religion; The Advantage of Believing; Faith and the Creed; Faith in the Unseen; Demonic Divination; Faith and Works; Enchiridion on Faith, Hope and Charity.
Babcock W., Ramsey B. (2012), The City of God: Books 1-10 (I/6)
Babcock W., Ramsey B. (2013), The City of God: Books 11-22 (I/7)
Boulding M. (2012), The Confessions 2nd (I/1)
Rotelle J. (2003), Prayers from The Confessions
Hill E., Doyle D (2007), Essential Sermons Includes Sermons: 9, 14, 29, 39, 49, 51, 53A, 56, 61, 63, 70A, 72, 72A, 75, 80, 82, 94A, 96, 98, 101, 104, 105A, 107, 112, 112A, 114, 117, 132, 137, 149, 161, 164, 172, 179, 184, 187, 189, 190, 199, 205, 207, 212, 213, 215, 223, 224, 229, 229N, 232, 239, 242A, 243, 247, 256, 260, 267, 272, 277A, 278, 283, 285, 286, 296, 299D, 302, 311, 313A, 314, 330, 339, 346A, 355, 368, 399, 20B, 28A.
Boulding M., Fiedrowicz M. (2000), Expositions of the Psalms 1-32 (III/15)
Boulding M. (2000), Expositions of the Psalms 33-50 (III/16)
Boulding M. (2001), Expositions of the Psalms 51-72 (III/17)
Boulding M. (2002), Expositions of the Psalms 73-98 (III/17)
Boulding M. (2003), Expositions of the Psalms 99-120 (III/19)
Boulding M. (2004), Expositions of the Psalms 121-150 (III/20)
Cameron M., Boulding M. (2015) Essential Expositions of the Psalms Includes: Psalms 30 (expositions 2 and 3), 31 (exposition 2), 32 (exposition 2), 33, 38, 41, 42, 44, 54, 56, 72, 122, 138, 140, 119, 120, 121, 142.
Hill E., Fiedrowicz M. (2004), On Genesis (I/13) Includes: A Refutation of the Manichees, Unfinished Literal Commentary on Genesis, The Literal Meaning of Genesis.
Ramsey B. (2008), Homilies on the First Epistle of John (III/14)
Hill E. (2008), Homilies on the Gospel of John (1-40) (III/14)
Canning R. (2006), Instructing Beginners in Faith
Teske R. J. (2001), Letters 1-99 (II/1)
Teske R. J. (2002), Letters 100-155 (II/2)
Teske R. J. (2004), Letters 156-210 (II/3)
Teske R. J. (2005), Letters 211-270, 1*-29* (II/4)
Teske R. J. (2006), The Manichean Debate (I/19) Includes: The Catholic Way of Life and the Manichean Way of Life; The Two Souls; A Debate with Fortunatus, a Manichean; Answer to Adimantus, a Disciple of Mani; Answer to the Letter of Mani known as The Foundation; Answer to Felix, a Manichean; The Nature of the Good; Answer to Secundinus, a Manichean.
Kearney R., Hunter D. (2005),Marriage and Virginity (I/9) Includes: The Excellence of Marriage; Holy Virginity; The Excellence of Widowhood; Adulterous Marriages; Continence.
Mary A., Bonner G., Lawless G. (2004), The Monastic Rules
Paffenroth K., Teske R. SJ, and Campbell M. OSA (2014), New Testament I & II (1/15 & 1/16) Includes: Sermon on the Mount, Agreement among the Evangelists, Questions on the Gospels, Seventeen Questions on Matthew.
Ramsey B. (2008), Responses to Miscellaneous Questions (I/12) Includes: Miscellany of Eighty-Three Questions; Miscellany of Questions in Response to Simplician; Eight Questions of Dulcitius
Ramsey B., (2010), Revisions (I/2)
Teske R. (2011), Selected Writings on Grace and Pelagianism Includes: Miscellany of Questions in Response to Simplician I; The Punishment and Forgiveness of Sins and the Baptism of Little Ones; The Spirit and the Letter; Nature and Grace; The Predestination of the Saints; The Gift of Perseverance
Hill E., Pellegrino M. (1990), Sermons, (1-19) on the Old Testament (III/1)
Hill E. (1990), Sermons, (20 -50) on the Old Testament (III/2)
Hill E. (1991), Sermons, (51-94) on the Old Testament (III/3)
Hill E. (1992), Sermons, (94A-147A) on the Old Testament (III/4)
Hill E. (1992), Sermons, (148-183) on the New Testament (III/5)
Hill E. (1993), Sermons, (184-229Z) on the Liturgical Seasons (III/6)
Hill E. (1993), Sermons, (230-272B) on the Liturgical Seasons (III/7)
Hill E. (1994), Sermons, (273-305A) on the Saints (III/8)
Hill E. (1994), Sermons, (306-340A) on the Saints (III/9)
Hill E. (1995), Sermons, (341-400) on Various Subjects (III/10)
Hill E. (1997), Sermons various (newly discovered) (III/11)
Paffenroth K., Ramsey B. (2000), Soliloquies: Augustine’s Inner Dialogue
Hill E. (1996), Teaching Christianity (I/11)
Teske R. (2010), Trilogy on Faith and Happiness Includes: The Happy Life; Faith in the Unseen; The Advantage of Believing.
Hill E. (1991), The Trinity (I/5)


Christopher J. P. (1978), The First Catechetical Instruction (Ancient Christian Writers 2)
Arand L. A. (1978), Faith, Hope and Charity (Ancient Christian Writers 3)
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O'Meara J. J. (1978), Against the Academics (Ancient Christian Writers 12)
Lawler T. C. (1978),  Sermons for Christmas and Epiphany (Ancient Christian Writers 15) Includes: Sermons: 51, 184-196, 140, 197-204.
Pontifex Dom M. (1978), The Problem of Free Choice (Ancient Christian Writers 22)
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Augustine Volumes in the Corpus Christianorum Ecclesiastorum Latinorum series (CSEL) still in copyright and where there is no link from this website to the text

77  De magistro - ed. G. Weigel 1961; De vera religione - ed. W. M. Green - 1961

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89  Soliloquia. De inmortalitate animae. De quantitate animae – ed. W. Hörmann - 1986

90  De moribus ecclesiae catholicae et de moribus Manichaeorum – ed. J. B. Bauer - 1992

91  De Genesi contra Manichaeos – ed. D. Weber - 1998

92  Contra sermonem Arrianorum (praecedit Sermo Arrianorum) – ed. M. J. Suda; De correptione et gratia – ed. G. Folliet - 2000

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93/1B  Enarrationes in Psalmos 18-32 (sermones) – ed. C. Weidmann - 2011

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95/1  Enarrationes in Psalmos 101-109 – ed. F. Gori - 2011 adiuvante C. Pierantoni

95/2  Enarrationes in Psalmos 110-118 – ed. F. Gori - 2015 adiuvante A. De Nicola

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